July 12, 2023
Retirement Visa Requirements in Thailand

Thailand, with its vibrant culture, beautiful landscapes, and warm climate, has become a popular retirement destination for individuals seeking a peaceful and fulfilling post-work life. To facilitate this, the Thai government offers a retirement visa program, formally known as the Non-Immigrant O-A Visa. This article will delve into the essential requirements for obtaining a retirement […]

June 19, 2023
Power of Attorney for Property Title Transfer in Thailand

Buying property in Thailand can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s possible to buy a house or condominium in Thailand remotely from your home country with the help of a Power of Attorney. When transferring ownership of a Thai property, you’ll need to present your identification documents and the sales agreement. You’ll […]

December 2, 2022
Marriage Registration in Thailand

Getting married in Thailand requires a few important documents. First of all, the marriage license must be legally valid. This means it must be registered with the appropriate government authority. It is also necessary to provide the marriage certificate to a foreign embassy to obtain a visa. There are many embassies that require a copy […]

December 2, 2022
Divorce in Thailand

Whether you are a Thai or a foreigner, if you are contemplating a divorce in Thailand, it is important to consider all possible legal options before making a final decision. Various types of divorce are available in Thailand, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. If you are considering a divorce, you should consult a […]

December 2, 2022
Prenuptial Agreement in Thailand

Having a prenuptial agreement in Thailand is a good way to avoid significant disputes and ensure that the rights and responsibilities of both parties are clearly defined when it comes to property. Prenuptial agreements are written contracts which define the rights and responsibilities of the parties when it comes to their property. In the event […]

September 8, 2022
Sales Contract Review in Thailand

Before deciding whether to pursue a Sales Contract Review in Thailand, you should be aware of what it entails. This legal procedure protects your interests, reduces liability, and strengthens your position. It is important that both parties review and customize the contract to match the specific facts of the property. For example, if the property […]

September 8, 2022
Property Due Diligence in Thailand

When purchasing property in Thailand, due diligence is a crucial part of the process. It is imperative to conduct thorough research before you sign any legal agreement or sign the final contract. The following is a quick overview of property due diligence in Thailand. Ensure the documents are accurate and up to date. Check whether […]

July 2, 2018
Corporate Services

Thai Work Permit Gaining a Thai work permit can be a very rigorous task. There are a number of requirements that you would need to submit. You would also need to appear before a Thai embassy to apply for a visa before you can be issued a Thai work permit. You can apply for a […]

July 2, 2018
Property Services

Most foreigners buy real estate in Thailand either for retirement or investment purposes. In the case of Pattaya, condo units are selling like hotcakes. If you purchase a condo unit in Pattaya, not only you would have a nice view of the blue-green seas, but it would also mean just a few meters walk for […]

July 2, 2018
Legal Services

Prenuptial agreements are now being more acceptable to the society. More people now understand that prenuptial agreements are being signed not in anticipation of the breakup of marriage. Instead, the real purpose of prenuptial agreements is to protect the individual assets of the would-be husbands and wives.The idea of getting married in Pattaya, or anywhere […]

July 2, 2018
Visa & Immigration

he Pattaya lawyers of Law Firm offer assistance to people who would like to have their visas arranged for trips to foreign countries. Our lawyers from Pattaya can give you all the information that you will need in your successful visa application. This visa assistance service covers all type of visas – be it marriage […]

July 2, 2016
About Pattaya

The Beach Talk about the world’s most visited beach resorts, Pattaya would definitely be included in the list. Pattaya, which literally means “southwest monsoon,” is considered as one of the most successful beach resorts in Thailand because of its pristine waters and natural beauty. Located some two hours away from Bangkok, Pattaya is fast becoming […]